♡ artist, mama, & witch ♡


hello! my name is fanny and i am a nonbinary artist, homemaker, and secular kitchen witch. my pronouns are they/them.

my favorite things are monsters, cute girls, romance stories, time travel shenanigans, and candy. i enjoy working in many different mediums, but my favorites are watercolor and ink. all of my digital work is done in clip studio pro with a wacom intuos tablet.

current projects include my 2019 seasonal witch zine series (available for free on gumroad) and developing my first webcomic, foxgloves, coming in 2020.



2019 seasonal witch zines | seasonal zines written from the perspective of a solitary, secular kitchen witch about the witchy joys of the different seasons. includes illustrations, information on the sabbats, tips, and more!

available for free on gumroad!


the snake post office post zine | artist

gay ennui zine | artist

a pile of good things, an 11th doctor charity zine | artist

focus: a hzd fanzine | 2019, curator/moderator, artist, writer

sailor villain zine | 2019, artist



foxgloves is a gay horror mystery comic set in the early 90s, premiering in 2020.

please follow me on mastodon or tumblr for updates!

Olive tried to kill herself, and everything changed.

Pine Haven is an emerald gem on the coast of Maine, and Olive's mother's hometown. It's seemingly the perfect place for Olive to recover and quietly finish her last years of high school--

Until she meets Ffion, a poltergeist with a chip on her shoulder.

Unlikely companions from the start, the girls set out to free Ffion from her worldly prison, and along the way begin to realize Pine Haven isn't as peaceful and innocent as it appears.

commissions tos

if you are interested in commissioning me, please read the following terms of service. if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at spookyfanny@gmail.com.

◦ payment in USD through paypal only.
◦ payment must be received upfront.
◦ you may cancel your commission for a full refund as long as no work has been made on it. if i have already begun, i reserve the right to keep any amount of the initial payment. refunds will be sent through paypal.
◦ shipping prices are not included in the prices for traditional pieces.
◦ i require references for most commissions, especially if you are requesting a specific person or character. at least three reference images is preferred.
◦ throughout the process i like to communicate regularly, and will send in progress shots. i welcome my client’s feedback to ensure the piece is perfect, but any extreme changes may result in additional fees.


below you will find starting prices for all open commission types. prices will vary per piece depending on complexity, supplies used, and other variables. please contact me at spookyfanny@gmail.com for a more personalized quote.

icons: open

lines / black & white: $20+
color: $25+

digital: open

lines / black & white: $30+
flat color: $40+
full painting: $50+

watercolor: open

6" x 9": $60+
9" x 12": $100+


if you have any questions or comments, or if you would like to commission artwork from me, please send a detailed message to spookyfanny@gmail.com. i usually try to respond to emails within a day!

for updates on my projects and other things please follow me on mastodon. you can find a link to that below, along with other ways you can support me if you enjoy my work.

i look forward to hearing from you ♡